4 Signs That You’re Heading into Burnout

And Need to Change Direction Now


Burnout is most often something that builds up slowly over time. Repetitive patterns that are not working for you continue to build with one issue compounding the next, making it hard to get off the cycles that are creating it all.

The sooner you can recognize these signs, and most importantly take action to make some changes, the less debilitating your health issues will be and the sooner you can get on with coming back to living your best life.

Here are 4 signs that will let you know it’s now that you need to redirect. (more…)

The Unseen Addiction Leading to Burnout

The Unseen Addiction

As I walked back to my car at a local shopping centre one afternoon, I was pained to see the ravages of addiction on a young woman’s face. I was also reminded not to judge her for the majority of us live with some form of addictive behaviour/s we are trying to come to terms with.

Some addictions are simply more visible on the outside, such as obesity or drug and alcohol addiction, but this is not to say that they are supposedly better or worse than those that are more hidden.  (more…)

How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

Guest Post by Amy White www.farfromparadise.org

Are you caring for a loved one in crisis? While you might not see yourself as a Caregiver, that is exactly what you are.

Photo: Courtesy iStock

Identifying as a Caregiver is so important because it allows us to be more open to seek out and accept support, guidance and tools that help our loved ones and us throughout the crisis experience and beyond. Without a level of support and a self-care routine, you’ll likely find yourself burning out. Not long ago, I was well on my way to burnout. (more…)

The Upside of Change

The Upside of ChangeWhy is it that our minds want to see change as a bad thing?
Why are we so fearful about what could be on the other side of what is not working for us?
Why are we so caught up in others opinions about making the changes that we know we need to make?
Why will we put up with being emotionally abused?
Why will we allow our lives to physically drain us to the point of exhaustion?

And, why is it that once we step through our fear, and do what we need to do anyway, that we are most often liberated from our mind and find ourselves so relieved that we had the courage to make the changes we so needed to make. (more…)

7 Positive Signs of Burnout Recovery

Do you feel like you’ve been stuck in a pattern of burnout without feeling that you are making any advancements back to good health?

The thing is, if you break it down, you will likely find that YOU ARE making some significant and positive changes that ARE bringing you back to health and vitality.

A vital part of your burnout recovery process is to focus on the things that ARE WORKING for you and the areas in your life where things HAVE IMPROVED.


Here are 7 positive signs of burnout RECOVERY that show you are headed in a positive direction.  (more…)

The Root Cause of Burnout

Over the last couple of years as I began to process through the emotions that I was feeling, I awakened one day to the patterns of my life that led to this major crash and burnout a few years ago.

I began to see the patterns that had repeated themselves over the last 25+ years.
The whispers from the Universe about what I needed to change, were there through all of these years.

It appeared however, that I needed a thunder bolt and lightening type message to help me really get what I needed to change. (more…)

When Does Stress Become Burnout?

Have you ever found yourself desperately wanting to make a decision that you know is right for you, but just not having the courage to go through with it?

Have you ever found yourself actually making the decision that you know is right for you and actually going through with it, only to then back pedal before you’ve completed the whole process?  (more…)