Say NO to what exhausts you and YES to what ignites you.

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Reclaim Your Health and Vitality

It's time to release exhaustion, over giving and people pleasing as you come back to your natural, vital essence.

BREAK FREE FROM BURNOUT Free 3 part video series.

Client Success

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    "Lisa has given me specific understandings about how adrenal fatigue happens and how to implement life changing ways for recovery. I feel healthier and more vital than ever before. Thank you."  
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    "Lisa has a toolbox that she shares that I will always have instead of forcing myself into the ground again."  


Burnout recovery coach, intuitive holistic counsellor and meditation teacher

  • Lisa inspires men and women to free themselves from the burdens of chronic stress and people pleasing, allowing them to reclaim their health and natural vitality , empower their life from the inside out and ignite their soul and spirit to return to their authentic self.
  • Excited about the release of her upcoming book “Burnout and Beyond” in 2021.
  • As well as facilitating deep physical, emotional and spiritual healing to help men and women clear old burnout patterns for good, she now also serves visionary leaders to claim their purpose and mission.
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