The Fight or Flight Response: What’s Really Going On?

Do you know when your body is moving into what is known as the fight or flight response (otherwise known as the stress response)?

It can be a fine line between feeling relaxed and coping, to suddenly feeling stressed.

It can also be a very clear divide between feeling relaxed and feeling stressed and you may find that you are in a state of permanent stress!  Not good!! Continue reading

5 Smart Technology Stress Busters

Have you ever found yourself lost in the quagmire of the internet? 
Those times when you decide to quickly check facebook for 5 minutes or quickly check email, and you look up and realise that an hour or even two has disappeared.

It really does take some diligence to use our technology time wisely, and stay productive in a healthy way.  This becomes essential when you are trying to bring yourself back from a stressed state into a more relaxed state. Continue reading

What’s Your Body’s Tipping Point? 3 Practical Solutions

Whether it’s muscle tension, anxiety or an upset stomach; each one us has our own signs that let us know we are reaching or have already reached our body’s tipping point of having done too much.

BUT, while it is definitely helpful to know what these tipping point signs are, the real question is what are you putting in place long-term to stop this from being a regular occurence?

Continue reading

6 Simple Adrenal Fatigue Dietary Tips

Adrenal fatigue creates the need to eat in a unique way while the body heals.  This may not be the way that you eat forever, but there needs to be some differences while you support yourself back to health.

A big part of healing adrenal fatigue, is to learn to live every aspect of your life in a way that is empowering for you, and this includes your approach to your diet.  We are all such unique individuals, and we all have unique consitutions.  What food is right for one person, is not necessarily right for another.

Here are 6 simple adrenal fatigue dietary tips for you to help you find a rhythm that is right for you. Continue reading

Juicing for Adrenal Fatigue: The Dos and Don’ts

Let’s get one thing straight before we get into how juicing for adrenal fatigue will work out for you.  There are many different levels of stress in the body, and as a result many different levels of severity when it comes to adrenal fatigue.

Someone dealing with mild levels of stress or in turn, mild or moderate adrenal fatigue has very different needs to someone dealing with severe or worse still, extremely severe adrenal fatigue.

When it comes to juicing, the severity in which you are being affected by stress will determine the juicing style that is going to be best for you but before you decide there are two really important things to understand. Continue reading

Why Your Doctor or Endocrinologist DOES NOT YET Recognise Adrenal Fatigue

I was feeling desperate.  I wanted to know what was going on with me. I sat there listening to my doctor feeling frustration and anger building up inside of me and that was not what I needed.  My doctor had just told me that I was essentially fine, there was nothing of major concern on my blood test results and that perhaps I should exercise more.  Continue reading

EFT: Tapping Your Way out of Stress

Have you been in those situations where you feel the symptoms of stress suddenly consuming your system?

Your blood pressure rises, your heart rate quickens, you become a little pale and clammy.  You feel emotion surging up inside of you and your neck and shoulders may feel extremely tight or your breathing becomes shallow.

This is an example of what you might experience if you are feeling fear or anxiety.  Your body is responding with a “fight or flight response”, or otherwise known as The Stress Response. Continue reading

Adrenal Fatigue and Hay Fever: 3 Things You Need to Know

Have you developed a new hay fever or sinus sensitivity as issues with stress in your life have increased?

Do you have your suspicions that burnout, adrenal fatigue and hay fever seem to have some sort of correlation, but you’re just not really sure what that is?

This cycle of itchy and pulsating sinuses, constant sneezing, watery eyes, brain fog, feeling wheezy, fatigue on top of fatigue (is that possible!!!), can be exhausting and debilitating, and can cause even more stress on the body.

It can be a vicious cycle!  Continue reading

Energy Drainers and Energy Gainers

Have you had the experience where doing something you enjoyed or being with people or in situations that you enjoyed, increased and supported your energy?

Have you had the experience where doing something you didn’t enjoy or being with people or in situations that you didn’t enjoy, decreased and drained your energy?

It is usually pretty clear to us what these things are, so why is it that so many of us can find it extremely challenging to create a whole lot more of what we enjoy in our lives? Continue reading