The Upside of Change

The Upside of ChangeWhy is it that our minds want to see change as a bad thing?
Why are we so fearful about what could be on the other side of what is not working for us?
Why are we so caught up in others opinions about making the changes that we know we need to make?
Why will we put up with being emotionally abused?
Why will we allow our lives to physically drain us to the point of exhaustion?

And, why is it that once we step through our fear, and do what we need to do anyway, that we are most often liberated from our mind and find ourselves so relieved that we had the courage to make the changes we so needed to make. Continue reading

7 Simple Tweaks to Help You Slow Down

7 Simple Tweaks to Slow Down

Have you ever rushed from one thing to the next, frenetically cramming too many things into your day, only to then wonder what it was all really for?  Did it leave you basking only briefly in that adrenalin high of the rush because shortly after you felt a big low with an accompanying feeling of unexplained emptiness inside of you?

One of the things that will help you to slow down in the first place is to calm down the pace that your thoughts are going at and to begin to change the type of thoughts you are having.

Dr Joe Dispenza, author of many books such as Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and Evolve Your Brain explains that

“You think somewhere between 60,000-70,000 thoughts in one day, and 90% of those thoughts are exactly the same ones we had the day before. You can’t change your life until you change your thoughts.”

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Adrenal Fatigue Books for a Holistic Recovery

Adrenal Fatigue Books for a holistic recovery

I have devoured my way through a huge number of books during my adrenal fatigue recovery process.  I came to understand from the adrenal fatigue experience and my own personal growth journey that to make a long lasting recovery from adrenal fatigue and burnout I had to approach it holistically.

Understanding what you need physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, creatively and getting in touch with your life purpose, following your own intuition and stepping up and living life from a place of your own personal power are all important aspects that make up the process of healing from burnout and recovering from adrenal fatigue. Continue reading

Burned Out or Stressed? The Questions That You Need to Ask Yourself

Journal QuestionsThere are times in your life when you are being asked to go deep within about what it is that you need.

A health crisis is definitely one of these times, and an issue such as adrenal fatigue or burnout, or a deeply stressful time is your body’s way of trying to get your attention.

If you are going through a crisis time right now, I encourage you to create some quiet space for yourself in the next week or two.

Make sure it is a time when you are not going to be disturbed. Continue reading

Adrenal Fatigue Issues? 21 Self-Care Ideas to Restore Balance

Adrenal Fatigue Self-CareAdrenal fatigue can create a whole host of issues that need your time and attention.  The recovery process can be made a lot easier however, by doing many different things all throughout the day that calm your nervous system.  Remember it is from this calm place, i.e. where the parasympathetic nervous system is heightened, where the body is able to go about its natural healing process.

Here are 21 self-care ideas to restore balance in your system and say yes to you! Continue reading

Why Adrenal Fatigue or Burnout may be the Best Thing that’s Happened to You

AF or Burnout the best thingAre you kidding me you might be saying?  Well, no I’m not but stay with me here.

The thing is issues with stress, adrenal fatigue and burnout don’t just show up out of the blue.  For most of us it’s something that builds up over time from the many small, repetitive behaviours and patterns in our lives that are not serving us.

There are occasions when adrenal fatigue comes about from acute situations such as an accident (and even then I believe there are underlying tendencies that make this more probable), but this is usually only a very small percentage of people.  For most of us it has built up over a lengthy period of time.  Continue reading

Adult Coloring Books: 3 Unexpected Health Benefits

Coloring MandalasIs coloring an activity you used to love doing as a kid?

Would you secretly or not so secretly love to indulge in this pleasure once again?

The thing is, this is not just a trivial activity for adults, it comes with tremendous health benefits and will also provide great help in your burnout or adrenal fatigue recovery process.  Here are 3 benefits and reasons to get out those colored pencils or markers and get coloring.  Continue reading

Feeling Fatigued? 20 Simple Ways to Reduce the Toxic Load on Your Body

Fatigued and Toxic

If you’re reading this, you’re likely feeling significant levels of fatigue and greater levels of sensitivity to your environment than you have ever experienced before.   

Burnout or adrenal fatigue creates higher levels of sensitivity in your body and this unfortunately can increase your susceptibility to the toxins in your environment.

There are however many things you can do to significantly improve the quality of your surroundings (inner and outer) and reduce the toxic load on your body.

Here are 20 simple ways to get you not only thinking about making changes, but taking some serious action. 


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