Massage, Stress and Adrenal Fatigue – 3 Things to Consider

I admit, I love having massages.  But not just any old massage.  For one, the ambience needs to be right, and two, the therapist’s techniques and pressure needs to be a match to what I like.

I figure I’m allowed to be fussy, and you can too.  It is your body!  Ok, there’s a little more to it for me.  You may not know this, but I am a Continue reading

Feeling Tired and Exhausted? 4 Adrenal Testing Options

A few years back when I was at the worst stage of adrenal fatigue, I struggled to find a doctor or health practitioner who understood what I was dealing with.

I was feeling tired and exhausted all the time.  I knew that what I was feeling was not normal.  My visit to my local doctor, had not provided me with much joy, and the blood tests she encouraged me to do showed up as normal or on the low side of normal. Continue reading

10 Ways to Relieve Stress in 5 Minutes or Less

You always have the choice to relieve stress and to come back to balance.  The thing is, be honest, are you a little addicted to some of the drama that plays out in your life or those around you, OR is your stress from trying to bend over backwards trying to please other people?

Whatever the reason (and there can ovbiously be many), choose some tools that you can consistently turn to.  Unravel those feelings of stress and do what works for the UNIQUENESS OF YOU! 

There are many ways to help you to come back to balance and here is a list of 10 for you to choose from.  I’m keeping these really simple here.  The real key is to create and maintain habits that help you to do some of these things (or others that you may choose) consistently.  Continue reading

11 Tips for Embracing a Stress Less New Year

Stress Less.  Yes it actually is possible!  Isn’t it time you approached this new year in a different way?

You really don’t have to get caught up in the same old new years resolutions that quickly fall by the wayside. Is that really want you want for your life?

If you are reading this, then stress ,burnout or adrenal fatigue has been or is currently an issue for you.

The key is to embrace what you desire in your life from what FEELS GOOD for YOU, not from what others expect from you or what you feel you should do.


Shift Your Thinking – My Top 10 Books 2014


Would you like to know a little about some of the awesome books I’ve read this year?
Would you like to SHIFT YOUR THINKING?
It’s no secret that I love books and I know many of you do too!

Books can be an extremely helpful guidance tool and open you up to a different way of looking at your life.
And many of these books are going to help you greatly in your healing from burnout process or in helping you to release stress and look more deeply at your life. Continue reading

Leave Christmas Stress Behind

How do you handle the potential for Christmas stress?

Do you try and squeeze in everything into those few short weeks before the year ends?

There’s people to see, presents to buy, Christmas parties to attend, oh and don’t forget those goals you want to set for next year and then of course the usual every day stuff that is usually enough anyway.

Overwhelming!!!  But STOP, wait a minute, CHALLENGE what you are pushing yourself to do.  Do you really have to? Continue reading

Stress and Cortisol: 10 Simple Must Knows

I’m sure you have heard this term cortisol flying around the place when it comes to the conversation of stress.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that many of you are confused about what cortisol is exactly and whether it’s something you need to care about.

I’m going to give you 10 simple facts about what it is so you can take some action if you feel that the release of too much cortisol is an issue for you.

Continue reading