How to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

Guest Post by Amy White

Are you caring for a loved one in crisis? While you might not see yourself as a Caregiver, that is exactly what you are.

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Identifying as a Caregiver is so important because it allows us to be more open to seek out and accept support, guidance and tools that help our loved ones and us throughout the crisis experience and beyond. Without a level of support and a self-care routine, you’ll likely find yourself burning out. Not long ago, I was well on my way to burnout. (more…)

How to Really Relax, Properly.

And give your body the best chance at maintaining vibrant health.

How to Really Relax, Properly

There is so much misunderstanding out there about what relaxation really means and I’d like to clear a few things up.

In the work I have done as a massage therapist and also in helping people to get relief from stress, adrenal fatigue and burnout, I regularly ask people what they do to relax.

The 3 most common responses I hear are

  • exercise
  • watching some tv in the evening
  • nothing – I don’t have time.

The responses very much in the minority are things like

  • meditating
  • restorative yoga
  • breathing techniques. (more…)

Why the Term “Adrenal Fatigue” Gets a Bad Rap

Adrenal Fatigue Bad RapIt’s very likely that you have one or more people in your life who tell you that adrenal fatigue doesn’t exist, or they look at you blankly when you try to explain it.

This person could even be you as you try to understand what this is all about and how adrenals can supposedly become fatigued when the world of science says it’s not possible. (more…)

How to Relieve Debilitating Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms

Relieve Adrenal Fatigue SymptomsDealing with adrenal fatigue symptoms can be a particularly rough time in the health journey of your life.  Some days and moments can feel absolutely debilitating.  I know how hard this can be, I was there in the throws of severe adrenal fatigue a few years back.

Adrenal fatigue can be a double edged sword at times.  It starts with the stress in your body creating one or more symptoms and the effects of those symptoms in turn creating  further stress on your body, creating a vicious cycle.  (more…)

4 Adrenal Fatigue Myths

Adrenal Fatigue MythsThere is a lot of misleading information about what it takes to recover from adrenal fatigue, but this is not a disease that simply needs some prescribed medications.  It is something that needs an approach that is the right one for you.

Let’s at least clear up a few of these adrenal fatigue myths so that you can feel empowered on your recovery journey and take the necessary steps to regain your energy and vitality. (more…)

3 Sleep Strategies for Adrenal Fatigue and High Night-time Cortisol

3 Sleep StrategiesAre you one of those people who struggle to fall asleep at night, or is it more about getting to sleep, but then waking up during the night?

Oh how I wish I had learned these really helpful sleep strategies when I was dealing with high night-time coritsol levels and adrenal fatigue, because there really are things that can make getting a good nights sleep possible during these times. (more…)

The Upside of Change

The Upside of ChangeWhy is it that our minds want to see change as a bad thing?
Why are we so fearful about what could be on the other side of what is not working for us?
Why are we so caught up in others opinions about making the changes that we know we need to make?
Why will we put up with being emotionally abused?
Why will we allow our lives to physically drain us to the point of exhaustion?

And, why is it that once we step through our fear, and do what we need to do anyway, that we are most often liberated from our mind and find ourselves so relieved that we had the courage to make the changes we so needed to make. (more…)

7 Simple Tweaks to Help You Slow Down

7 Simple Tweaks to Slow Down

Have you ever rushed from one thing to the next, frenetically cramming too many things into your day, only to then wonder what it was all really for?  Did it leave you basking only briefly in that adrenalin high of the rush because shortly after you felt a big low with an accompanying feeling of unexplained emptiness inside of you?

One of the things that will help you to slow down in the first place is to calm down the pace that your thoughts are going at and to begin to change the type of thoughts you are having.

Dr Joe Dispenza, author of many books such as Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself and Evolve Your Brain explains that

“You think somewhere between 60,000-70,000 thoughts in one day, and 90% of those thoughts are exactly the same ones we had the day before. You can’t change your life until you change your thoughts.”