What Your Immune System Really Needs

Moving From Fear to Love

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Adrenal fatigue symptoms can be tough to deal with and unfortunately one of the knock on effects is that because your cortisol functioning may be affected, there can be an effect on how well your immune system is supporting you.

A common effect is having to deal with frequent respiratory type viruses and this on top of the other debilitating symptoms that you may already be dealing with can make for a really unpleasant time.

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Are you letting yourself get caught up in a constant state of fear in your life?

This is not only your own personal fear but also includes mass fear that you may be experiencing from things like watching the news, watching violent movies or listening to the fear stories of friends and family. This fear in itself can play a big part in how well your immune system is functioning and can unfortunately keep you hooked in to a cycle of perpetuating more stress in your life and an even greater compromise on your immune system.

Dr Kelly Turner in her book “Radical Remission” talks about her research with cancer survivors and the fact that only two out of the nine reasons why people healed from cancer were physical, the other seven were emotional and physical.

In this vein I encourage you to consider some different ways that you could support your immune system and exit the merry go round at “stressed”.


1. Create More Focused Thoughts

Esther and Jerry Hicks through the spiritual teachings of Abraham describe in their book “Ask and it is Given” about how to focus your thoughts.  “Abraham” explains that

With only a few seconds of focusing your attention on a subject, you activate the vibration of that subject within you and immediately the law of attraction begins to respond to that activation.

Their knowing and teaching is that in as little as 17 seconds you can begin to create a matching vibration, and within 68 seconds that vibration becomes further reaching and powerful enough for the manifestation to begin.

The thing is, your immune system can be compromised with constant fear thoughts, but instead enhanced with more empowering thoughts.  This is not to say that you can sustain positive thoughts 24 hours a day, for there are times when you need to process through the supposed more “negative” emotions but there are so many times in your life when you are having the same fearful thoughts over and over, day after day.

Dr Joe Dispenza author of “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” explains that we have around 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts a day and most of those very same thoughts are repeated the next day and the day after that, unless we make a conscious effort to create new ones.

Just as you can become expert at the fear thoughts, practice through the art of 68 seconds to create more empowered thoughts.  This will in turn enhance the functioning of your immune system.


2. Come off the Mainstream Fear Treadmill

The media presentation of the news is a prime example of enhancing mainstream fear.  They love to present only the negativity that is going on in the world, and while there may be certain times in which you may feel inspired to lend a hand to some of these situations, constantly watching negative events over and over, and adding to the mass fear and worry

  • will not help the situation
  • will not help the functioning of your own immune system.

For example, don’t watch news on a terrorism act over and over.  The terrorists wants you to feel fear and worry, and they themselves are in a fear place through their actions, so your talking and worrying about it for hours, days or even weeks on end does not help you or anyone else.

Turn off the news and come back to the thoughts and activities that give you a sense of peace and calm inside of you.  This is the place from which to take care of your own health, to come to people’s aid from or indeed to help change the vibration of mass fear.  


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3. Be Grateful for each Day

At the end of each day, write down all that you are grateful for from the day.  There can be a tendency for you to focus on what didn’t go well, but I encourage you to focus more time on what did go well.

You will find yourself pleasantly surprised by all of the things that you have dismissed from your day.  The bonus is that you will improve the functioning of your immune system because you are making the shift from being in a cycle of fear (as above) and instead moving into a cycle of love (as in the diagram here).


So yes while there are of course some very helpful physical things you can do to enhance the functioning of your immune system such as looking at your diet and taking relevant supplements, your life can be transformed by looking at some of the emotional and spiritual aspects.  By doing this you will also likely find that your tough physical symptoms subside because you are coming off the fear and “stressed” cycle and moving more consistently into the love and “balanced” cycle.

Be well, and begin to take charge of your own mind as an act of great kindness to yourself and others.

Lisa xo

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