Burned Out or Stressed? The Questions That You Need to Ask Yourself

Journal QuestionsThere are times in your life when you are being asked to go deep within about what it is that you need.

A health crisis is definitely one of these times, and an issue such as adrenal fatigue or burnout, or a deeply stressful time is your body’s way of trying to get your attention.

If you are going through a crisis time right now, I encourage you to create some quiet space for yourself in the next week or two.

Make sure it is a time when you are not going to be disturbed.

Put on some relaxing music.
Light a candle.
Create a peaceful environment.
Close your eyes for a few minutes and let yourself begin to relax and calm down, for this is the place from which you will get the answers that you are looking for.
Your intuitive self, will be ready to talk to you, as you listen and write.

Read each question below one at a time, or answer only those questions that you are called to answer.

  • After reading a question, close your eyes for a minute or two and let the answer come to you.
  • Then open your eyes and write the answer down, with pen and paper (rather than typing on your computer). This promotes a deeper connection.
  • Repeat this process for each of the questions that you decide to answer.
  • Try not to overthink the process.  Let the first thoughts that emerge be your best guide.

* What foods are not serving me right now? What do I need to eliminate?

* What foods do I need to add to my diet?

* What beverages are not serving me?

* What do I need to drink more of?

* What is the best exercise for me right now?

* What cleaning products in my home environment are toxic to me?

* What personal care products am I using that are toxic to me?

* What situations in my life do I need to remove myself from?

* Who or what is draining my energy?

* What do I need to spend more time doing?

* What support do I need to help me to build these new habits and behaviours into my life?

* What is most energising for me right now?

* What do I spend my time on when I am free to do as I please? (hint, do more of this!)

* How would I like to start each day?

* How would I like to finish each day?

* What is the message that I must share with the world?

* If I could do absolutely anything with my time, what would it be?

Please also ask any other questions of yourself that you feel need asking.

Taking this time will be one of the most valuable things you can do for yourself especially if this is something you have never done before or have not done in a while.
Taking the time to listen to that deeper part of yourself that really does know what’s best for you is an act of love and self-care.

Give yourself this gift and help yourself come to a deeper understanding of why you may be dealing with issues of stress, adrenal fatigue or burnout.


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