Adrenal Fatigue & Self-Care

Have you considered that there is more to adrenal fatigue than simply dealing with the physical aspects of what you need to do?

Are you open to this idea of extreme self-care and also love for yourself!  Those dealing with adrenal fatigue are used to putting everyone else’s needs first, and I am here to gently prod you in the direction of now beginning to take care of YOUR needs.

It is no secret that I have been an avid follower of many Hay House Authors (there are so many Inspirational books, audios, kits, and gifts that I have bought over the years).  I have also listened to Hay House Radio since 2007.

What I learned there helped me at a time when my life was screaming out for it.  Back in 2009 I really was at a major crossroads.  I desperately needed to release myself from the relationship I was in and the business I was in, but at the time it seemed so incredibly overwhelming and I just didn’t know where to start.

Cheryl Richardson’s Powerful Notion of “The Art of Extreme Self Care”.

I had been listening to Cheryl Richardson’s show on Hay House Radio for a couple of years and she had begun to teach a lot about this notion of extreme self-care.  It really resonated with me a lot as this was what I really struggled with.  I just wasn’t paying enough attention to my own self-care (or Extreme Self-Care as Cheryl terms it), rather I was putting everyone else’s needs before my own and the process of extreme stress and burnout was already in motion (although I still didn’t really understand this at the time).

At the start of 2009 I felt really drawn to embark in Cheryl’s online course “The Art of Extreme Self-Care” (the course is no longer available but her book can be found over at Hay House) .

It went for 12 months, matching the 12 chapters in her book which was also titled “The Art of Extreme Self Care” and it was an absolute life changer for me.


“Let Me Disappoint You”. 

The third lesson and chapter was titled “Let Me Disappoint You” in which you get to practice the art of disappointing people in a loving and gracious way while taking care of your own self-care needs.  Well, this was the exact thing I needed and I was in fact able to end the relationship that was not working in my life after working with this chapter.

I was also working with a counsellor at the time and the combination of these two things helped me with what I needed to do.  This was huge for me as it was something I had really needed to do a few years earlier but I just hadn’t had the courage and confidence to follow through with it.  I was just too afraid.  So, with the support of Cheryl’s course and my counsellor I actually did it!!!!  This set me then on the path of being able to eventually clear up the rest of the things that were not working (although it did take another 18 months and a lot of emotional turmoil).

The Mind Body Connection

A big part of the mind body connection with burnout is not standing up for yourself, not staying in your power, and at the root of it is usually a lack of self-esteem and self-worth.  I learned so much through doing this course, and I was so grateful that it came along when it did.  I do believe that the Universe, Spirit, the Divine, God (whatever you like to call this force) is always working in our favour and giving us the messages and guidance that we need to take the next steps that we need to.  I was so glad that I listened to my nudging to do this course which in turn helped me to take those vital next steps.

If you are at a crossroads in your life, get support, listen to those messages that the Universe is trying to deliver to you and stay true to yourself.  And please, just be patient and gentle with yourself in the process and know that you are always doing the best you can with where you are at.  Your life is worth it, you are worth it!!!

Take care and believe in yourself!

Love Lisa

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