5 Nurturing Tips for Adrenal Fatigue Anxiety

Are you tossing and turning and struggling to get to sleep each night?
Or are you waking in the middle of the night with your mind racing and unable to get back to sleep?
Do you have unexpected panic attacks that create anxiety?
Are you in a constant state of worry?

Unfortunately, anxiety is an all too common sign of adrenal fatigue and can affect you on many levels.
Adrenal fatigue anxiety can be debilitating if it is not addressed.

I have 5 Tips to help you restore peace & calm and to help you ease the effects of adrenal fatigue anxiety.  

1. It is essential to work on a physical level with a natural health practitioner who understands adrenal fatigue.

This could be your doctor, a naturopath or a functional health practitioner. The key – they need to understand adrenal fatigue and how to treat it. For example, there are certain herbs that treat adrenal fatigue that are not good with anxiety. It is important to discuss this with your practitioner. It is important also, for them to check if there is another reason that may be causing your anxiety. If you are experiencing adrenal fatigue anxiety then it is likely that the adrenal fatigue you may be suffering from is more severe.  Again this needs a discussion with your natural health practitioner who can best guide you to support your adrenals and your life!

2. Engage daily in activities that are calming on your nervous system.

I would recommend engaging in a yogic breathing practice, or a more specific adrenal breathing practice to help calm your system.  When you take steps each day to calm your nervous system, which in effect heightens the parasympathetic nervous system then many systems in your body begin to calm down and you feel more at ease.

3.  Get Some Emotional Support.

The support of a good counsellor or coach is essential if you are feeling anxious.  They can help you to get a clearer picture of the situations that are going on for you without the emotional attachment.  Often our best thinking keeps us stuck, so please get some support and talk it through.   If there are any issues for you financially, look into where you can get some free support or speak to a supportive friend.

4.  Shake up Your Daily Rituals.

Choose one thing in your life to do a little differently.  For example, it may be your morning routine.  Instead of going straight to your phone or checking email, take a 20 minute hiatus and just sit on your sofa and be still, breathing slowly and rhythmically.  Or begin the day with some uplifting music that really feeds your soul and dance around for a song or two. Shaking up the rhythm and routine of what you normally do helps to shift emotions and helps you to process what is going on for you.

5.  Keep a Food / Drink Diary.

Go for a week and write down all that you eat and drink and how you feel afterwards.  This way you can establish if there are certain foods or drinks that may be affecting you.  Look for the clues in your life.

I wish you much ease and calm as you navigate these next steps.
I know you can do it.

Much love

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