The Upside of Change

The Upside of ChangeWhy is it that our minds want to see change as a bad thing?
Why are we so fearful about what could be on the other side of what is not working for us?
Why are we so caught up in others opinions about making the changes that we know we need to make?
Why will we put up with being emotionally abused?
Why will we allow our lives to physically drain us to the point of exhaustion?

And, why is it that once we step through our fear, and do what we need to do anyway, that we are most often liberated from our mind and find ourselves so relieved that we had the courage to make the changes we so needed to make.

What is going on in your life?

What is that one major change or series of small changes that you know without a doubt that you need to make?

When we are caught in the grips of a groundhog type day, living the same unfulfilling experiences over and over, something has to shift, and usually that shift involves a change in our thinking that needs to come from within. Sometimes it takes things to get so bad, for us to get so low, that we have nowhere else to go but up.

I remember back to 2009, struggling so much with a business I didn’t want to be in and a relationship in which I was controlled and emotionally abused.  I was allowing this to happen. In fact I had lived a life of allowing others to control me for a very long time, and this relationship was just the icing on the cake.

It wasn’t about the other person, it was about me allowing myself to be controlled and not feeling worthy enough to claim what I needed and to take up space in this world.

The unfortunate downside of this on a physical level was that my body literally wore down. I felt squashed to a speck of who I truly was. I reached a place of severe adrenal fatigue and a further squashing of having to go bankrupt. I was not just bankrupt financially, but bankrupt in every aspect of my life.

I did reach an almighty low and I declared enough!!!!!  From that point on, my life did begin to change.
I ended the relationship I was in and eventually found a way to end the business.

It took 3-4 years to recover physically, but I knew my life would never get that way again.
I was determined to heal not only a physical level, but also holistically, which amongst other things meant healing the patterns that created a life of allowing others to control me.

If you are in a similar position, I encourage you to get really clear on what you need to change in your life.

I encourage you to get support.

Surround yourself with people who are uplifting and supportive.

Listen only to things that inspire you – music, radio, tv shows, inspiring conversations.

Begin to do things that value you!

And be prepared to step out of that old comfort zone.

Start with something small if it helps.

But please, make that change or build a plan to make that change or changes.

Do you really want to get to the end of your life not having really lived?

What is going to propel you into making the next step you need to make, and finally making the changes that you need and desire.

Adrenal Fatigue Powerful Teacher

What do you need to help make this happen?

Do you need to speak to a counsellor?

Do you need a community of like minded friends?

Do you need regular “dates” with yourself each week?

Do you need to speak up with your family about what you need and lovingly ask for their support?

What do you need?

Are you really prepared to sit back and continue on with what’s not working and what is making you physically unwell?

This is not the time to take a passive role.

You need to speak up now and declare what it is that you need, even if this is in your own heart and within your own mind.

Put it on paper. Declare it out loud.

Let what you need be heard by the Universe, by a power greater than you.
Propel that strong feeling that you have within you out into the world, and then take the necessary action steps one by one.

You do know what you need.

If you need more clarity with this, get quiet, really quiet, and listen.
Listen to that small voice inside of you, that is nudging at you every day.
A voice that is guiding you in every moment.

You can get well. You can reclaim your health and vitality.
But it takes you saying yes to you.

This is not the time to continue taking care of everyone else’s needs to the detriment of your own. This is the time to step up and say “enough”, just as I did back in 2009.
You won’t regret it.
It may not be easy, but you won’t regret stepping up to reclaim yourself and your health.

Get clear on what you need.

Get clear on what you desire for yourself.
Allow yourself to open up to the changes that are already waiting for you.
Receive them into your being.
Let the changes come to you, meet them, and free yourself from the entrapment of what is making you unwell.

Change really is our best friend.
You deserve this, you are worthy of this.
Please, step up, seek help, acknowledge yourself, speak up for you.
No one else is going to do it for you, this is your job and I know you have it in you!

Much love and peace to you as you embark on this journey of uplifting change.
Your life is meant for something great.
Your life is meant to be lived.

Lisa xo

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