Standing in Your Power

Let me ask a probing question.

Are you comfortable playing the victim role in your life or are you courageously stepping out of your comfort zone, into the place of naturally being who you are and standing in your power?

If you fall into this victim role in your life, you immediately become dis-empowered, and give the message to others that it is ok to treat you like a victim.

How does this feel for you?

You may think that of course you’re supposed to say this makes me feel terrible, but instead many of us follow this “safe” pattern, and stay in this “safe” dis-empowered place that we know.


Some of the signs that you are dis-empowering yourself include:

•      doing everything for everyone else first, and putting your own needs last

•      letting yourself be emotionally and / or physically abused

•      staying in a career that you know is not right for you, but staying there because it’s       “safe” and the sensible option

•      doing things based on the opinions and beliefs of others (yikes, family members and friends are at the top of this list), rather than your own feelings and what lights up your soul

•      continually talking about how awful everything is in your life, and telling the same story over and over and over.


One of the mind-body connections with adrenal fatigue, is this notion of not being in your power. When we play the victim, and allow people and situations to control us, we become burned out.


This is exactly what happened to me a few years ago. I stayed in a relationship in which I felt emotionally abused and like a victim. I stayed in a business that was not what my soul was yearning for. I allowed the opinions of those close to me to dictate what I chose to do.
The result ………………….
I crashed and I burned out.


The solution ………………..

Ok, I started by seeking help from a counsellor, who encouraged me to start by doing things that I enjoyed.

I did! Yay!

I began to colour mandalas, this was extremely cathartic.

I listened to spiritual radio stations that provided uplifting and inspiring messages.

I started to speak more of what I wanted and needed, and just accepted the verbal backlash of those around me, while I changed in front of their eyes.

I plucked up the courage to say to my partner, “relationship over, this is not working for me”. And eventually I completed my time in the business I was in, which resulted in the business being liquidated and me going bankrupt. While this was a very dramatic ending, it was necessary and I was grateful for a solution.


But ………………………..

here I was burned out (yes), but feeling the most incredible wave of relief that these things had finally come to a completion.

Your life may or may not look as dramatic as this, but in some cases we do need to make drastic decisions and finally and fully step into the place of being the person we were meant to be.



We did not come to this planet to be like everyone else, to conform, to fit into society’s box.
We came here to step into our own power, and to be our own unique selves.

There is no reason to continue to be someone you’re not. This is an exhausting process, and burnout is a common result.

There is every reason to step into your own beauty, your own power, your own uniqueness, and be YOU.
Get support.
Align your thoughts.
Create a plan.
Take the action you need to, to step into your power.


I can 100% assure you, that when the pieces of your old life have been cleaned up, you will be so proud and so fulfilled by the new you.


I know you can do it.
I know you can do it.
I know you can do it.


All my love


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