My Adrenal Fatigue Remedy

So, you’re reading this most likely thinking that you’re going to get the latest remedy for adrenal fatigue in a bottle.  Well, think again.  While yes, the support you can get from the bottle (and no not the alcoholic version 🙂 ) through the use of things like herbs and specific adrenal supplements is definitely essential and helpful in healing the physical aspects of adrenal fatigue, there are other essential pieces that make up the “remedy” and I’d like to discuss those here.

1.  Find a natural health care practitioner or doctor who understands adrenal fatigue.

Getting the physical help to support your adrenals is absolutely vital. Just as vital is finding the right person.  Before you book with someone ask them over the phone if they understand how to treat adrenal fatigue. The mainstream medical world generally has a very differing opinion about the notion of adrenal fatigue and they don’t recognise it. If you head to a doctor with your various adrenal fatigue symptoms they will most likely tell you nothing is wrong or put you on anti-depressant medication (as this can be a symptom of exhausted adrenals).

There are incredible practitioners out there who are extremely supportive and understand the process it takes to balance your adrenals back out.

2. Engage in calming activities.

When your adrenals are severely compromised it is so essential to really heighten the activity of your parasympathetic nervous system. This part of the nervous system releases all of those incredible feel good hormones and is vital in your healing process. We really want to do whatever we can to come out of that place of stress and spend time in this place of relaxation. Do what feels relaxing and calming to you. Meditation, breathing exercises, gentle yoga, gentle walks can work wonderfully. Dr Lam’s Adrenal Breathing Exercise Cdand Dr Lam’s Adrenal Yoga Exercise DVD Set Volume 1-4 with Free Additional Downloadable Contentare two wonderful programs that will help you understand how to really restore your adrenals.
Also take the time to engage in those creative pursuits that really fill your soul. This is one of the best things you can do to help you to heal.

3. Look at Underlying Emotional Patterns.

The mind body connection with adrenal fatigue is all about not standing in your own power. For adrenal fatigue not to return at some point in the future, it really is vital to look at your emotional patterns and behaviours and what caused all of this in the first place. If you need the help of a trained professional such as a counsellor, to do this, please allow yourself the opportunity to follow that. At the very least start to get into a pattern with writing down how you are feeling and tracing back your current feelings with situations that may have happened in the past. You will find many revealing traits and answers as you begin to get in more touch with how you are feeling.

4. Get Support!!

There are many avenues of support out there. Start by joining the very active facebook community for healing from burnout and also sign up on the home page of the website to receive tips, resources and products that will assist you in your healing process.  It is essential also that you have someone that you can talk to on a regular basis, whether that be a supportive friend, a counsellor or your natural health practitioner.  Even better, if you can connect with others who are going through a similar thing to you so that you may not feel so alone.  There is always help.  Start with me if you are not sure where to go, and I can guide you.

5.  Be Patient With the Process.

Please be very patient and gentle with yourself on this healing journey. Unfortunately healing adrenal fatigue is not something that happens overnight, but with small, consistent steps, focusing on the four steps above, you can and will bring yourself back to health and wellness and enjoy a life of vitality once again. This is a wonderful opportunity to look at everything in your life that is no longer working for you and begin again, with a fresh, clean slate. Remember, you have my support. Join the facebook community and connect with me by signing up for tips and resources on the home page of the website.

I know you can do this.
I know you can create the life that you desire.
Are you knowing and believing this for yourself?
One step at a time, one easy step at a time.

Love Lisa.

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