How to Shift an Old Emotional Pattern

And Reclaim Your Vitality

We all feel emotions. It is a natural part of being human.  Why is it then that so many of us have been taught to suppress and ignore our emotions, when in reality this is one of the worst things we can do.

One of the vital steps in recovering from issues with adrenal fatigue and burnout is releasing old, stuck emotions from your body and also allowing yourself to release emotions as they arise. The truth is, emotions are wonderful messengers that something needs your attention. Your adrenal fatigue recovery is the perfect time to create new ways of understanding what you feel and to release what doesn’t serve you.

So, are you willing to let your emotions stop flying under the radar?

Are you willing to listen to those nagging feelings that need your attention?


It’s Time to Get Connected to Yourself

Close your eyes for a moment and breathe calmly. Connect with your breath and get in touch with how you are feeling.

Now, bring to mind a particular situation in your life that brings up a strong emotional reaction inside of you. This is not just the emotions of anger or depression (which are of course extremely important to process and release), it is also emotions such as hopelessness, guilt or worry. For example, you may feel guilt or worry from allowing others to do so much for you as you’re recovering from adrenal fatigue. The thing is, this emotional pattern has not just turned up out of the blue, it is far more likely that it has been sitting suppressed for a very long time.

The late Debbie Ford, in The Shadow Effect referred to this as the beach ball effect. She explained this as imagining yourself trying to keep a beach ball under water. As long as you keep holding it down it can stay there, but as soon as you lose your grip on it, it will come bouncing back up. And so it is with your emotions. You might think you are able to suppress them and put them in some kind of ‘don’t have to deal with’ box, but at some point they will come bouncing back up, often unexpectedly, at inopportune times, and stronger and louder than ever.


How do I Release This Emotion? 

Ok so from the emotion that has come up above, first, let yourself express the emotion that you feel. Move it in some way, emotion is designed to move, e-motion. Write it out, shout it out, tap it out, shake it out, cycle, box or whip a hand towel. Find any way that works for you where you can express what you feel. When you feel in a more relaxed place, release it. Let it go into the ethers of the universe. If you have written out what you feel, burn the paper or tear it up. Release it, let it go.


An Example of How to Draw in a new Belief System that was Surrounding this Emotion

Ok we’re going to go a little extreme now. Let’s use the example above , the feeling of guilt or worry about others having to do so much for you while you’re recovering from adrenal fatigue.

Take the time to write out 100+ benefits of why it is good and healthy for you to receive and take deep relaxation time for yourself. Yes, I did say 100+ benefits.

Write one benefit, then another, then another and just when you think you can’t possibly think of any more, eek out a few more. Let your brain be pushed to search for new ways. (This is a process, courtesy of Dr John Demartini). This helps to form brand new neural pathways in your brain so you get to create a new way of thinking about an old situation. Keep going with it until you feel so damned amazing about these many benefits that there is just no other way to be.

Keep this list handy and read these benefits every single day, feeling into them, feeling what it would be like to be living those benefits.

Anytime you find yourself sneaking back into the old way of thinking, feeling guilty for receiving, or taking deep relaxation time, I want you to get out your list of 100+ benefits and read them.

Here’s a few ideas to get you going.

100+ Benefits of Receiving While I’m Recovering from Burnout

  • I get to balance out the previous over giving.
  • I get to deeply activate my parasympathetic nervous system.
  • I get to see the immense pleasure on the faces of those giving to me.
  • I get to be deeply grateful that there are people in my life at this time who can help me.
  • I get to retrain my brain to become used to the act of receiving.
  • I get to learn how to live in a healthy balance of giving and receiving.

This is an example of what it means to clear your burnout patterns and it is not something you have to do alone. In fact I would highly encourage you to get support to help you stay accountable to making the changes.

If you would like help with this, please get in touch. I offer 1-on-1 private coaching through the Radiant Woman Coaching Program.

Let’s chat, just a heart-to-heart really and map out a plan for you to release the old ways and behaviours that are not serving you and how to move you into new ways and behaviours that do serve you.

To make a time with me, go to

Much love

Lisa xo

P.S. You are loved, and no matter where you are at right now, it’s o.k. You have done the best you can. As you gain new understandings and insights you will naturally move into a new way of being and doing in your life, and getting support will help to speed up this process. The old behaviours that are not working will begin to fall away and with your consistent commitment to you, new behaviours will begin to emerge and become your new normal. A ‘normal’ that does not take you down the path of burnout.

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