How to Create a Healthy Morning Routine

And live from a filled up well.

Healthy Morning RoutineIs this you?

Wake up to a noisy alarm.
Feel zombie tired.
Deal with kids needs, partner’s needs.
Rush around doing what you need to do.
Start the day feeling frazzled.

What if instead, you could

Wake up gently.
Ease into the day.
Begin the day with some time for you, doing calming activities.
Bring a more balanced you to your partner, kids or to your work day.

Well you can, but you will need to make a conscious choice to recreate your morning.
Here are 4 ideas on how to get started slowly and connect with what you need.

1. Awaken as naturally as possible or if an alarm clock is needed, use one that gently arouses you.

I have been using the Digital Zen Alarm Clock from Now and Zen since 2009.  This provides a simple ding that gradually gets louder.  The more naturally you can wake up, the kinder it is going to be on your nervous system and the lower the likelihood of you overarousing your sympathetic nervous system.

2. Pour yourself a glass of water so you can immediately rehydrate yourself.

Our bodies get dehydrated during the night and if you are feeling stressed, the likelihood is that your base minerals and vitamins are out of balance and your system will be more dehydrated than usual. I suggest adding a little himalayan salt or lemon to this first glass of water as this will help in the hydrating process.

3. Before you engage with anyone, give yourself 10-20 minutes of quiet headspace.

This means no technology. No checking emails on your smart phone while lying in bed and no browsing facebook while you’re still bleary eyed. You may also need to retrain kids, partners or anyone else you may be living with that this is your time and you are not ready to engage with them until after you have had time to yourself. Practice letting go of the excuses of why this can’t happen and think laterally about how you can make this happen.

Use this time to meditate or breathe quietly. If you are new to this, start with a guided relaxation or try out a progressive muscle relaxation. This alone will set you up for the day in a calmer state of mind. The goal is to move into your day from a relaxed state, not from an overaroused state which can leave you even more stressed than you already are.

Persevere with creating this rhythm. Even if it means starting with 5 minutes. The main point is that you begin the day by honouring what you need. The time will naturally grow as the routine becomes more secure.

4. Spend 10-30 minutes on an activity that you enjoy.

This is going to be something that you really enjoy doing, eg

  • a little exercise (go easy if you’re very fatigued)
  • writing your thoughts in a journal
  • reading something inspirational
  • setting your intentions for the day.

Stay Open to How this Will All Work

If you have young children that need your attention then do this at a time in your morning that is going to work for you. The point is not to be rigid about this, but to factor this into the early part of your day so that your own needs are accounted for.

The quantity of time I spend on these activities each morning can vary. If I have an earlier start, I shorten my morning routine because I don’t want to sacrifice quality sleep time. I find that the most important thing is to not skip this morning ritual, no matter what my schedule may be.

If this feels overwhelming, start small.
There is always a way but often it requires some thinking outside of the box especially if you are in the habit of taking care of others needs before your own.
Plant the seed with this, make a start and in time the momentum will grow. This morning routine doesn’t have to be perfect. Experiment with it, play with it, but keep an open mind about how you could make this possible.

You are worth it, and the world loves a more blanced, relaxed and connected you.  This is the place to do your giving from, the one where you have filled your own well up first.

Best wishes with this.  You can make these changes.

Lisa xo

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