Feeling Fatigued? 20 Simple Ways to Reduce the Toxic Load on Your Body

Fatigued and Toxic

If you’re reading this, you’re likely feeling significant levels of fatigue and greater levels of sensitivity to your environment than you have ever experienced before.   

Burnout or adrenal fatigue creates higher levels of sensitivity in your body and this unfortunately can increase your susceptibility to the toxins in your environment.

There are however many things you can do to significantly improve the quality of your surroundings (inner and outer) and reduce the toxic load on your body.

Here are 20 simple ways to get you not only thinking about making changes, but taking some serious action. 



  1. Turn off your wi-fi at night.
  2. Use a protective device on your mobile, landline and laptop to reduce the effects of electromanetic radiation. I have had the Wave Shield Gold Device on my mobile for last 3-4 years and notice a significantly lower amount of heat that comes off the phone after using it.
  3.  Place a himalayan salt lamp near electronic equipment such as your computer or tv.
    Himalayan Salt LampThese salt lamps emit negative ions into the air which helps to neutralise the electromagnetic radiation coming from these devices.
  4. Keep ALL electronic devices out of your bedroom.
  5. Switch to aluminium free deodorant (aluminum for my American friends).
    I use a product here in Australia called MooGoo / fresh cream deodorant.  It is also one of the best feeling natural deodorants I have found (some feel terrible on the skin) and it works!
  6. Switch to natural shampoos, soaps and hand creams.
    Some products I use here in Australia include Melrose Botanicals and Australian Botanical Soap which is beautiful.
  7. Switch to natural cleaning products and natural laundry detergents.
    Get those bleaches out of your home.
    There are so many natural products on the market now, heck you can even make your own.  A popular line that is carried here in Australian supermarkets is Earth ChoiceRemember that everything that goes on your skin goes into your skin!!
  8. Ditch those dryer sheets. 
    Many of them are laden with chemicals and unnatural fragrances.  Leave them out or choose a natural alternative instead.
  9. Stop drinking water out of plastic water bottles. 
    This increases the amount of estrogen in your body and contributes more to any hormonal imbalances that may be going on or creates issues that weren’t there before.
  10. Begin to use more natural pads and tampons. 
    I use an Australian brand called Natracare.
    _Zen Alarm Clock
  11. If you do wish to use an “alarm clock”, choose one that rouses you gently from your sleep rather than one that causes a harsh awakening for you.
    I have been using this one from Now & Zen for about 7 years and I love it!  It’s a very gentle ding.  This is an American company.
  12. Listen to music that soothes you. 
    Music that is too overstimulating for you is harsh on your system.  Recognise what feels good for you in any given moment.
  13. Stop watching the news (especially the same story over and over).
    Instead, watch and listen to things that are inspiring and uplifting to you.  Constant bad news has a very draining effect on your system, even if you don’t realise it.
  14. Get a Smudge Stick and regularly smudge yourself, your home aSmudge Sticknd the objects in your home. 
    This helps to clear your own stuck energy and to release any energy that is not even yours.  If this feels a bit woo-woo for you, try it and see how you feel after using it before you make up your mind.
  15. Choose to eat foods that fuel your system rather than drain your system.
  16. QUIT alcohol and caffeine. 
    Harsh reality yes, but if you are dealing with adrenal fatigue this is not helping your cause one bit, your body just can’t process these substances right now.  When you feel better you can try having them again although you might find that your craving for these substances has diminished.
  17. Avoid smoking or passive smoking. 
    Remove yourself from smoky environments.  This is your life, your health, you always have the choice to do so.
  18. Learn to recognize what situations or people energize or drain you.
  19. Avoid unnecessary gossiping or drama. 
    Yes, this is a toxic load that you don’t need.
  20. Stop pushing and start listening to what you need. 
    A life of pushing is toxic.  You are worthy of living a balanced and inspired life that you know is right for you.

Even making changes with one or two of these to start with is a significantly positive step that will change how you feel for the better.

What other suggestions do you have of things that have worked for you that have helped to reduce the toxic load on your system?

What are you going to try this week?


Best wishes


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