Choosing a New Non-Negotiable Level of Yes!

You decide it’s time to get to bed earlier and change some of your eating habits, but for one reason or another it hasn’t quite happened. Or you make a start only to allow the changes to fall by the wayside a few days later.

Ok I’m going to cut to the chase straight away here. Have you considered that your half-hearted decisions and actions related to your health and well-being are just not going to serve you right now? What you know you need to adjust and change needs your full attention and commitment, and quite honestly it needs to be at a level that you have never reached before.

Right now, you’re probably saying ‘oh I’m just too tired to even think about these things’. Well I’m here to tell you that your not thinking about these things is going to make you more tired. These are not areas that are demanding a strong physical exertion from you, these are areas in your life that are going to support your already tired system.

If you are severely burnt out, your level of commitment to allowing yourself to create a very deep relaxation response every single day, in fact many times a day needs to be one of your number one commitments.

If you can see that the patterns of how you are living your life are heading you down the path of burnout, then your commitment to changing these patterns needs to be addressed pronto and at a new level that you have likely not ever reached before.

What is it going to take to give yourself a deeper level of yes and commitment to what you need right now?

Take a moment right now to write down one thing that you know you need to change in your life.

Now that it’s on paper. I want you to commit to doing this for the next 30 days. Feel into the desire you have to make the change and double that desire. Feel into it again and now triple that desire. You are creating a desire so strong that you make this into a non-negotiable change

If you’ve skimmed over this section, ignoring this part, why have you done that? Is this something you’re really going to get back to? Go back now and write that one thing down. And now make the plan to commit to it.

The people who make the most profound changes in their lives are the ones who take the action and follow through on what they say they’re going to do.

Are you going to be one of the 99% of people who won’t follow through here or are you going to be part of that elite 1% who does follow through for the next 30 days?

Do that thing that is in deep alignment with what you need right now.

If you want to commit to being in bed and lights out by 10pm, then make sure you move heaven and earth to make that happen every single day, no excuses. If you desire to add a new, 20 minute relaxation practise every day, pick the time it’s going to take place and do it every day, commit to it.

There is nothing more important than your commitment to yourself and what you need.

So, are you still ignoring this, or have you got that piece of paper or journal out, and written it down?
If not, the only person you are kidding is you.

Do it now, write it down and make the vow to commit to this for the next 30 days.

You’re doing things differently now. You’re valuing and honouring yourself at a whole new level. No more stuffing around, it’s game on, the game of your life.
You are not here forever.
Today is the best day to start these changes.

I’ve set aside a few spaces to have a heart-to-heart chat with you this week. Tell me where you’re at and let’s map out a way for you to really stick with making the changes you so need and desire, these non-negotiables.
This is about finding a really natural flow with your life and living from a place of what’s true for you.
Book in and we can see if we’re a fit.
When you decide to take these necessary changes to a whole new level, your life transforms and you move on the path back to health and well-being.

Love and healing to you

Lisa xo

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