8 Burnout Recovery Tools That I Now Can’t Live Without

Burnout Recovery

There is nothing like burnout or adrenal fatigue to get you to make major adjustments to the way that you live your life.  That was certainly my experience and I do hope that you too can see these tough times in your life as a beautifully guided wake up call to set you back on to the path you are meant to walk.

The burnout recovery tools I have mentioned below are things that I have built into my life over the last 5 years.  Some I have been doing for 5 years or more (pre burnout) and others are more recent.

The building of new habits and behaviours over time are the key to changing your life for the better.

Here are 8 of my burnout recovery tools that I now can not live without.  Please note that these are not in any particular order of importance, they are all extremely important in my view as they form a holistic approach to life and to burnout recovery that is so essential! (more…)

5 Steps to Build Momentum in a Positive Direction

Are you building momentum in your life in a negative direction or a positive direction?

Are you aware of how your daily actions are contributing to this?

There was a time in my life when I was building a negative direction at what eventually became lightening speed.  One thing built on top of another until eventually it all crumbled, quite literally – with my burnout and bankruptcy.

And so I had no choice but to rebuild, step by step.  I began to slowly gather momentum in the opposite direction.

I began to build sustainable practices that have helped me to build momentum in a positive direction, and I found there to be 5 major steps that greatly contributed to this. 


7 Important Traits found in Healthy People

Do you find yourself wondering how some people seem to maintain a state of good health, not only physically but also mentally and emotionally?

And if there are challenging situations in their lives, how they seem to find ways to come back to balance?

While no-one has it all plain sailing, there are definitely certain traits that make living a healthy life a whole lot easier and dealing with things that come your way a whole lot more manageable.

These 7 important traits that I believe are found in healthy people are crucial in helping you to PERMANENTLY recover from adrenal fatigue and burnout.  They are also extremely valuable for every human being in living a rich and healthy life. (more…)

Energy Drainers and Energy Gainers

Have you had the experience where doing something you enjoyed or being with people or in situations that you enjoyed, increased and supported your energy?

Have you had the experience where doing something you didn’t enjoy or being with people or in situations that you didn’t enjoy, decreased and drained your energy?

It is usually pretty clear to us what these things are, so why is it that so many of us can find it extremely challenging to create a whole lot more of what we enjoy in our lives? (more…)

The Hormone Reset Diet, Dr Sara Gottfried

Do you feel tired and irritable? 
Are you gaining weight around your middle? 
Do you have blood sugar issues?
Are you having trouble sleeping?

This is just a little glimpse of some of the many issues that can be associated with out of whack hormones.  And out of whack hormones can lead to a host of issues causing a very stressful and tired existence.  (more…)

Shift Your Thinking – My Top 10 Books 2014


Would you like to know a little about some of the awesome books I’ve read this year?
Would you like to SHIFT YOUR THINKING?
It’s no secret that I love books and I know many of you do too!

Books can be an extremely helpful guidance tool and open you up to a different way of looking at your life.
And many of these books are going to help you greatly in your healing from burnout process or in helping you to release stress and look more deeply at your life. (more…)

PMS – Is it really just Stress and Hormones?

Do you suffer from PMS symptoms that you have been led to believe are due only to stress and changes in hormones?

Have you intuitively recognised that there is more to this than we are led to believe?

Stay reading, because this profound wisdom from Dr Christiane Northrup could totally change the course and quality of your life!!

(And men, keep reading for the benefit of the women in your life). (more…)