I Could Hardly Get out of Bed

The alarm went off and I couldn’t believe it was morning. After another fitful night struggling to get to sleep and waking up many times, I had finally fallen sleep at around 4am.  I struggled to even lift my arm to shut the alarm off. My gut felt churned up and on my first attempt at lifting my head off the pillow an enormous wave of dizziness came over me. I laid back down. ‘How on earth was I going to get through another day?’ The enormity of living life like this put me into a pit of depression and anxiety. (more…)

How to Relieve Debilitating Adrenal Fatigue Symptoms

Relieve Adrenal Fatigue SymptomsDealing with adrenal fatigue symptoms can be a particularly rough time in the health journey of your life.  Some days and moments can feel absolutely debilitating.  I know how hard this can be, I was there in the throws of severe adrenal fatigue a few years back.

Adrenal fatigue can be a double edged sword at times.  It starts with the stress in your body creating one or more symptoms and the effects of those symptoms in turn creating  further stress on your body, creating a vicious cycle.  (more…)