Being Highly Sensitive is Not a Curse

You can stay stuck in all the reasons why your sensitive self is not good enough or you can focus on the unique gifts that you bring to the world through your sensitivity.

Research has shown that those who are highly sensitive thrive more than those who are not when they live their life in a way that takes care of their sensitive needs. When they do not, they suffer more than those who are not sensitive. And this is one of the reasons I believe that sensitive souls can be more prone to burnout.

This is something I have definitely found to be true in my own life. And I have come more deeply into the daily practise of looking after myself with a deep, rich, non-negotiable reverence.

Now the question is are you willing to leave the old story behind and embrace a new way that does in fact serve what you need. Are you going to make decisions and choices that honour what you need EVERY SINGLE DAY.

If you are telling the old story over and over, you will get the same result with your health and life.

A new story will give you a new result and a new life.

Your willingness to change is THE FIRST STEP.

If you would like support in making these crucial changes in your life, please book in for your FREE radiant woman consult and let’s talk about how you can change your life FOREVER by honouring your sensitive needs on a daily basis.

Much love,
Lisa xx

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