Adrenal Fatigue Issues? 21 Self-Care Ideas to Restore Balance

Adrenal Fatigue Self-CareAdrenal fatigue can create a whole host of issues that need your time and attention.  The recovery process can be made a lot easier however, by doing many different things all throughout the day that calm your nervous system.  Remember it is from this calm place, i.e. where the parasympathetic nervous system is heightened, where the body is able to go about its natural healing process.

Here are 21 self-care ideas to restore balance in your system and say yes to you!

1. Restorative yoga pose – legs up the wall.
This is deeply calming on the nervous system. Sympathetic nervous system activity decreases and parasympathetic nervous system activity increases.

2. Spend time coloring.
Activities that involve the fine motor movements of the hands are proven to reduce stress.

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3. Drink a glass of water with lemon or himalayan salt.
Stress in the body creates a more dehydrated system, this combination helps to rehydrate your body (especially important first thing in the morning).

4. Sit in stillness out in nature.
Nature is our best healer.

5. Find a counsellor to help support you emotionally.
Getting to the bottom of what is contributing to the stress in your life is vital.

6. Sip on a mug of calming, chamomile tea.
This type of tea has properties that help calm the nervous system.

7. Find health practitioners who understand adrenal fatigue, people you can work with in partnership.
A team of support is so important.

8. Eliminate one food this week that you know is not good for you, and replace it with one food that you know is good for you.
This will start the change in your eating that you need or help keep things moving forward for you in a positive direction.

9. Listen to a guided relaxation audio.
Make this time to stop and slow down.

10. Make a list of what’s draining you.
Resolve one thing off that list this week.

11. Make a conscious choice to ask for help in an area you know you need help in.
Asking for help is an act of self-care. You don’t have to do it all yourself.

12. Take a 1 minute breathing break whenever you become aware that you are feeling tired.
Every small act of slowing down helps to calm an overtaxed nervous system.

13. Ask for a hug from someone you love.
This is proven to release many of the “feel-good” hormones within your system, reducing the stress in your body.

14. Create a technology free evening each week or a technology free day each week.
Aah, your system will begin to slow right down.

15. Switch off all electronic devices at least 1 hour before bed.
Electronic screens and devices affect your natural sleep cycle, allow yourself time to unwind.

16. Read a chapter of a book that you enjoy.
Reading has been proven to relax your system in as little as 6 minutes.

17. Protect your boundaries. Speak up about a situation that doesn’t feel ok for you.
This will help to release stuck emotions in your body and move them up and out.

18. Light a candle and contemplate what you really desire for your life.
Finding a deeper reason for being here is a necessary long term adrenal fatigue recovery tool.

19. Replace a caffeinated drink with a more calming one.
Release stress and create a relaxation response in your body with this simple change.

20. Spend time with your pet or go to an animal shelter and spend time with an animal there.
Petting an animal is proven to reduce stress.

21. Have a chat with a caring friend.
Express how you are feeling, allow yourself to be heard.

Choose any of these suggestions or some of your own that feel good in this moment and take the time for you. You are worth it!

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Much love

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6 thoughts on “Adrenal Fatigue Issues? 21 Self-Care Ideas to Restore Balance

  1. Thanks for this. Calming words I needed to read. 🙂 Busy week ahead. Traveling, which includes a plane ride across country, which I’ve not done in over twenty years. Stress, yeah!

  2. What an amazing focus to have! I know exactly how burnout feels and to specialise in it is amazing! Thanks for sharing your message about this, more people need support in this area! I blogged about the same thing yesterday in fact so it is very timely!!! X