4 Signs That You’re Heading into Burnout

And Need to Change Direction Now


Burnout is most often something that builds up slowly over time. Repetitive patterns that are not working for you continue to build with one issue compounding the next, making it hard to get off the cycles that are creating it all.

The sooner you can recognize these signs, and most importantly take action to make some changes, the less debilitating your health issues will be and the sooner you can get on with coming back to living your best life.

Here are 4 signs that will let you know it’s now that you need to redirect.

1. You Have a ‘Don’t Care’ Factor.

When you’re worn out, your compassion for others will often reach an all time low. It’s a compassion fatigue. If you’re feeling like this, pull back immediately on being there for others (yes this can be a major adjustment) and plug back in to being deeply compassionate and caring for yourself. Treat yourself, give to yourself in the ways you desire to give to others.

2. You’re Not Interested in Activities You Used to Enjoy.

Whether it’s because of fatigue, depression or somewhat of a zombie like feeling towards what you normally enjoy, this is a red light to stop and check in with yourself. Are you giving to everything else, leaving absolutely nothing for you? I encourage you to engage back in to the activities that you enjoy, starting with those that don’t require a big physical exertion. Literally worm yourself back into feeling good about something.

Allow yourself to engage, regularly in something that you enjoy. This will help the stress hormones in your body balance back out and the relaxation type hormones to play a bigger role. Do things you enjoy is not a trivial past time, your health depends on it.

3. Your Mood is Mostly Down.

A common side effect of stress is greater levels of depression and anxiety. You may find yourself feeling more angry and irritable. You may also find yourself feeling more hopeless about the situations you are in, and some of the people in your life. These emotions are powerful messages to let you know that something is off. These emotions come from underlying thoughts and feelings that you are having, most of these being buried in your subconscious mind. Getting to the root of why you feel this way is essential. You may find that you need professional support with a counsellor or a process like kinesiology or eft (tapping). Whatever direction you choose, I encourage you to take this step, so you don’t stay stuck in this pattern of continuing to disempower your life.

4. You’re Experiencing New Symptoms or a Worsening of Current Stress Related Symptoms.

You know your body better than anyone, you know what feels somewhat normal to you and what doesn’t. And it is important for you to stay aware of this. If your physical body is increasingly uncomfortable with a longer list of symptoms or more severe symptoms, it’s time to do things differently.

The two key areas are:

  • getting to the reasons why you are stressed, and
  • adding a daily relaxation plan as a matter of urgency.

Let your body be the gift of an amazing barometer that is guiding you to head in a new direction.

Please honour you. Slow down the momentum of what’s not working and begin to gather more momentum in what does work for you. 


Best wishes, Lisa.

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One thought on “4 Signs That You’re Heading into Burnout

  1. Thank you Lisa for the affirming way that you go about encouraging people to put themselves first. It is the hardest thing for most to do, especially women, and yet the most necessary thing when on the fringe of burnout.